Yesterday in a presentation I was asked which podcasts I found most helpful to learn about security and privacy, and the ever converging world of compliance and ethics. Here’s that list (and I’ll append as I find more)

Cybersecurity Interviews – Douglas Brush, a fellow information security leader, has had a multi-year run doing interviews with leaders and practitioners in the information security space, and focuses on topics way beyond the technical, into areas around business interactions, mental health in the field, and career advice.

Something, Something Cyber Podcast – Bill Thrash and Chase Cunningham are experts in the field and have got wide-ranging guest interviews and topical episodes on events of the day that can give good insights into how incidents and attacks are seen from those within the field.

Great Women in Compliance – Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine have been instrumental in the spotlight on women in the field of compliance and ethics, and also turn out to be amazing interviewers. The episodes are exciting and the guests are insightful. A must listen as this goes beyond just practicing in the field.

Darknet Diaries – If you are looking for the perfect cross between information security and Serial, this is it. The episodes take a security topic and narrate them through to completion, focusing on details in an engaging way that keep you interested until the last minute. A mix of narration and interview answers are a great way to take in a complex security topic.

Security Now – On the TWIT network, this is the granddaddy of all security podcasts. Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson cover current-day security topics, help with technical issues, and recommendations for everyday users of technology to better secure themselves, their families, and their data.

Cyberwire Daily – A daily news and analysis podcast that covers the information security world. I use this to get my daily “news” on what’s going on so I can inform clients and friends appropriately. If you are very interested in the ongoing happenings as they take place, this is the podcast for you.

The Great Security Debate – I wouldn’t be a podcast host without also pitching my own podcast, right? The Great Security Debate comes out bi-weekly-ish and targets people that are not necessarily in the information security field but have an interest in how security and privacy intersect with society and business and look at the topics from a 360-degree view. My co-hosts are Erik Wille, the CISO at American Axle Manufacturing, and Brian Schneble, Director of Sales at Sentinel One (but there are no sales pitches on this podcast, just security debate!)