I’ll start this with the admission that Douglas Brush and I have wanted to do this talk together for a very long time. Circumstances came and went, and we were (finally) supposed to do it at the Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference in June… and then came COVID-19.

Both Douglas and I have gone down the road of spinning up our own security businesses, and have the scars to prove that there is a lot to consider when doing so. From business plans to funding; from inspiration to marketing, we cover a ton of content in 1 hour of time. There’s never been a better time to start up your own biz; hopefully this talk can help you get started (if it makes sense to do so – we cover some of that, too!)

A *huge* thanks to the Denver ISSA Chapter for working so hard to capture as many of the planned RMISC talks as possible and moving many of tthem to an ongoing live webcast series (with on-demand replays on their YouTube channel), and for queuing our talk early in the schedule.

Watch “Hang Out a Shingle” on YouTube

Hopefully just as interesting as the talk, is the “show notes” we put together that gives an unhealthily large number of links and references based on the topics we covered in the talk. Please let me know what you think of the talk, the references and the topic!