Last week I got to go to Cleveland and speak at the Blockland Solutions conference on their Security Day, which followed two full days dedicated to blockchain. What was especially interesting was that there were so many people that were there to contemplate, learn and implement security as part of their blockchain solutions.

It was great to get out and speak with people working with blockchain to get a better understanding of some of the ideas that they have for ways to use it beyond those we already think of (e.g. cryptocurrency, publishing integrity, etc.). Needless to say, there are some very creative people looking at blockchain for some very unexpected (in a good way) things, so I am eager to see where those projects go. (And if any of those folks – or anyone – need help securing those efforts, or dealing with the privacy implications please get in touch with me either here or at my company, Secratic!

The topic of my talk at Blockland was “How to Build a Privacy Program” which I think I will probably turn into a webinar for Secratic, probably just after the first of the year (2020). Stay tuned.