If you are going to be in Denver in early February, then please consider attending my next talk at ALA Midwinter on Saturday 10 February 2018, entitled “Shore to Shore: How Europe’s New Data Privacy Laws Help U.S. Libraries.”

Despite GDPR being a European privacy regulation, US libraries (and patrons and consumers) stand to benefit from the changes that will come to technology systems used around the world! Some of the initial evidence is that GDPR is going to drive privacy in a direction that is consumer-focused and transparent, and in this talk we will discuss some of the ways that may manifest itself after May 2018. Please bring your privacy questions, too!

Register here to attend (and yes, breakfast will be served):


If you can not attend, I’ll do a wrap-up and summary post on this blog in the weeks after ALA Midwinter to cover some of the key thoughts and questions asked at the live session.

Thanks to ProQuest for sponsoring this talk. Also, please check out both ProQuest and Ex Libris‘ other talks taking place throughout ALA Midwinter in Denver; it’s an excellent set of presentations and information!

N.B. Please be assured that this, like nearly all of my talks, is not a product pitch and will be focused on the privacy topics in industry strokes, so please come and learn about how the global trend toward more comprehensive user privacy can see the light of day in the US as well!

[UPDATE: I neglected to mention that if you are interested in easier and more transparent (and secure) remote access to scholarly content from off-campus or off-network, a session on Sunday 11 Feb will cover the Resource Access for the 21st Century (RA21) project.  I am actively involved in this effort, and think that it will be a huge benefit to users, libraries and content providers!