With the relaunch of my personal blog, I am going to use the opportunity of an upcoming event in my life as the motivation to re-establish my writing here.

In 1 week I will be participating in the Rocketman Triathlon in Titusville, Florida. This is my first triathlon and I will be keeping track of the experience on this site.

About 6 months ago, I heard about the race and the allure of bicycling around Kennedy Space Center, circling the shuttle launch pads and Vehicle Assembly Building was too much to deny. Despite not being anywhere close to “in-shape,” let alone near ready to participate in a tri, I entered the Classic distance as motivation to get ready and have the target to work towards.

Based on the vastness of the Kennedy Space Center complex, the cycling portion of the race is elongated to 33 miles (up from the usual 12-15 miles in a Sprint/Classic tri). That said, I have been training since last year and am now very excited to get to this race.

The specifics of the race are:
Swim: 1/4 mile
Bike: 33 miles
Run: 3.1 miles (5k)

Please come back here for commentary and pictures on the preparation and running of the event. It is likely I will take and post from within the race itself as well.